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Mouland Drainage specialise in external and internal drain clearance and repairs.

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Drain Relining / Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) Mouland Drainage use the latest technology in drain relining systems. Having to dig up drains and relay them, may be a time consuming and expensive business. Wherever suitable we will use re-lining techniques to save you time, money and the inconvenience of having an excavation at your property.

Drain relining may be used to rectify such issues as in-growing tree roots and damage to the pipework. A resin saturated lining tube is installed inside a pipeline by winching or inversion and once in place the resin is usually heated to induce a chemical catalyst or hardener set off the curing process.

The curing process is usually by hot water, steam or UV light for hot cured methods while ambient cured technologies can be used for smaller diameter renovation projects e.g. house drain connections to sewers.

When fully cured, the drain will be sleeved with a continues length of liner with no joints, therefore creating a new pipe inside an old one.

We also carry out patch lining which allows a small section of drain to be repaired with minimal disruption and great accuracy. Patch lining is ideal for repairing displaced joints and cracked pipework, restoring it to perfect working order. This method is also used for preventing roots from re entering the pipework once removed.

We can also undertake Specialist Pitch fibre re-rounding to return the deformed pipework back to its original shape.

Pitch Fibre Drains

Pitch Fibre is an awful product that is usually found in property’s from the nineteen sixties through to the early 1970`s and it was introduced to the united kingdom because it was lighter and cheaper choice to vitrified clay.

Manufactured in lengths of 8ft with push fit joints it offered a fast and simple installation with no want for the sand and cement haunching of joints related with clay pipe work, bedded on sand it had been thought to be a modern versatile system at the time.

Thankfully the product was only used for a comparatively short number of years due to the development of the pvc drainage systems, there are large amounts of pitch fibre pipe work drainage systems coming to the end of their operating life in the united kingdom.

Unfortunately what was being installing was a pitch impregnated papier mache tube, which is now thought to have a design life of forty years and at least one UK manufacturer who had the foresight to strengthen their pipe work using of all things asbestos fibres.

The Pipework collapses and becomes misshaped once beneath any kind of external ground pressure and as usual there was little specification for pipe bedding when it was therefore it depends on the sub-soil for external support.

The internal wall blisters and de-laminates when it comes into prolonged contact with water and the push fit collars within the foul system offer no resistance to tree root ingress.

Cured in place pipe (CIPP) is a cost-effective way of dealing with fractures, water infiltration, in-growing roots, voids and other structural defects in drains, sewers and pipes.

The main benefit is its simplicity; we apply fresh lining to the inside of the pipe so it is fully restored. The pipe’s capacity remains the same, with flow characteristics often improved by the new, smoother surface.

All these Drainage faults can be rectified by one of the following:

  • High pressure jetting to clean the drains and remove any debris, roots, fats and scale which could be lining the pipework causing the repeat drain blockages.
  • Pitch fibre re-rounding to return the deformed pipework back to its original shape by way of winching a re-rounding tool through the drain re opening the deformities and removing blisters.
  • Resin drain lining to prevent any further damage to existing pipework and prevent roots from returning in to the drainage system.

Mouland Drainage has the capability to solve any problem faced and find a cost effective solution and are a checkatrade approved Drainage company in the Heart of The New Forest.

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